About Me

My name is Evan. I live in San Francisco. I work for Stripe as an engineer on systems and infrastructure. I’ve been there since early 2012 (around 4.5 years, as of when I’m writing this).

In the past, I worked at MokaFive, helping build desktop virtualization technology for large, enterprise IT organizations; and Ksplice, building their AWS-based kernel build system to apply kernel updates without reboots. I’ve also worked on the Ubuntu project as a member of the Ubuntu Core Development team and Ubuntu Backporters team.

While I was in college, I was part of the initial development team for XVM, offering VM hosting to the MIT student community before cloud computing was cool; and helped deploy Debathena as the desktop environment for MIT’s 250-node public computing cluster.

When I’m not computering, I’m probably cooking (having recently invested in a sous vide setup), home-bartending, or traveling.

Find my less-than-blog-length thoughts on Twitter, my code on Github. If you’re into GPG (frankly, I’m kind of indifferent), I’m 45D77E9E30CB1B11. Either way, you can email me at evan@ebroder.net